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What Is a Bunkie Board?

At Platform Beds Online, we sometimes get questions from customers asking us “What is a bunkie board?” Bunkie Board is not very common, but it IS very useful to platform bed owners. Ever looked at a bed and thought to yourself: “my mattress requires a flat surface with no gaps, but this platform bed has […]

Coolest Dad Builds Floating Star Wars Bed

Elegant. Magical. Futuristic. These are the qualities people associate with the Star Wars films. Reddit user Ghostfaceace was able to incorporate these qualities into his latest DIY project that has gone viral. He paid homage to the films by recreating the classic Landspeeder owned by Luke Skywalker. Floating platform beds are all the rage in […]

Best Floating Platform Beds For Modern Bedrooms

Floating platform beds have a unique look that makes them the centerpiece of any modern bedroom design. Appearing to float in mid air, the mysterious and alluring qualities of these beds are the reason they are so popular. When lit from underneath with LED lighting, they create a futuristic look that goes well with the […]

Affordable Platform Beds: Storage Beds Under $1,000

A storage platform bed combines the benefits of a platform bed with the space-saving benefits of adding an extra closet to your bedroom. These beds offer plenty of organizational space for people who prefer clean and uncluttered interiors. Since items are neatly stored away under the bed, they are kept easily within reach. If you […]

Bedroom Design Tips: Warm or Cool Colors?

The use of color in the bedroom is useful for creating a specific mood and triggering emotions. Much like an artist chooses his or her colors carefully, so too must a homeowner carefully select the right color palette for the bedroom. Decorating with color is an excellent way to flex those creative muscles and make […]

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What’s Your Bedroom Missing?

Today’s master bedrooms are more than just places to sleep. They double as relaxing retreats from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Is your bedroom missing any of these relaxing features?


But Some Spring in Your Spare Bedroom’s Step

Do you have a spare bedroom that’s going to waste? Why not turn it into a space you’ll actually use? Clear out all the clutter you’ll never use and give everything a fresh, bright coat of paint. Add a desk for working and a day bed for relaxing (and for when guests show up), and […]

A Tiny Apartment Turns Huge

Do you have a small space you’re hoping to make feel big? Check out what some designers did with a small apartment in Shanghai! By designing the space so certain elements can pull double duty, like steps doubling as seating, they created a space that feels both open and intimate. Take a look and get […]

Awesome Ideas for Themed Baby Rooms

There are a ton of themes to choose from when designing your baby’s new bedroom: beach, ballet, the ever-popular Star Wars. But what about some of the more out-of-the-way choices? Turn your kid’s room into a tropical paradise complete with rainforest noises from a white noise machine, or encourage their curiosity with a science lab-themed […]

Add a Touch of Nature With These Design Elements

Want to add a rustic touch to your bedroom? It’s easy enough! Furniture and accessories fashioned from natural wood are a great way to introduce a bit of nature into your bedroom design. Use a stump as a nightstand, for example, or go all-out and use an eye-catching log bed! Read the full article here: […]

Add a Touch of Drama With a Painted Ceiling

Most homeowners stick with a safe, pedestrian white ceiling. However, a painted ceiling can be a great design choice. It has a dramatic effect that can boost whatever mood elements you’ve placed in your bedroom. Dark colors can make a room more intimate, while bold and bright colors add energy and interest. Get some ideas […]