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What Is a Bunkie Board?

At Platform Beds Online, we sometimes get questions from customers asking us “What is a bunkie board?” Bunkie Board is not very common, but it IS very useful to platform bed owners. Ever looked at a bed and thought to yourself: “my mattress requires a flat surface with no gaps, but this platform bed has […]

Coolest Dad Builds Floating Star Wars Bed

Elegant. Magical. Futuristic. These are the qualities people associate with the Star Wars films. Reddit user Ghostfaceace was able to incorporate these qualities into his latest DIY project that has gone viral. He paid homage to the films by recreating the classic Landspeeder owned by Luke Skywalker. Floating platform beds are all the rage in […]

Best Floating Platform Beds For Modern Bedrooms

Floating platform beds have a unique look that makes them the centerpiece of any modern bedroom design. Appearing to float in mid air, the mysterious and alluring qualities of these beds are the reason they are so popular. When lit from underneath with LED lighting, they create a futuristic look that goes well with the […]

Affordable Platform Beds: Storage Beds Under $1,000

A storage platform bed combines the benefits of a platform bed with the space-saving benefits of adding an extra closet to your bedroom. These beds offer plenty of organizational space for people who prefer clean and uncluttered interiors. Since items are neatly stored away under the bed, they are kept easily within reach. If you […]

Bedroom Design Tips: Warm or Cool Colors?

The use of color in the bedroom is useful for creating a specific mood and triggering emotions. Much like an artist chooses his or her colors carefully, so too must a homeowner carefully select the right color palette for the bedroom. Decorating with color is an excellent way to flex those creative muscles and make […]

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Recline on a DIY Daybed

Looking for a hardworking, versatile piece for an office or guest bedroom? Try a daybed! Check out these stunningly easy tutorials and learn how to make one yourself in an afternoon!


From Attic to Bedroom

Have you ever struggled with converting an odd-shaped room into a bedroom? Check out what this couple did to turn their attic into a stunning master bedroom! By adding a half-wall to enclose the staircase and keep the space open, and installing skylights to allow sunlight to flood into the room, they have created a […]

Bedroom Designs to Suit Any Style

Wondering what to put in your new bedroom? Check out these bedroom styles and make a list of what you like! This will help you start to develop a plan of action for your room’s design. Whether you want a bright and sunny cottage-style suite or a rustic, old-world vibe, you’ll find something to inspire […]

Treat Your Walls for Major Style Points

What you do with your walls can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. If you want a playful room for the kids, for example, polka dots – whether painted on or stuck on with stickers – will do the trick. If you want a more glamorous feel, medium-hue gray […]

Making the Most of Minimalism

Minimalism is a calming, relaxing style, which makes it a great choice for the bedroom. Sparseness and simplicity in your bedroom’s design can help clear your mind of clutter, leading to a more restful retreat. Whether you want a bright, sunny space or a darker, more cozy environment, check out this gallery to see how […]

Add Some Color to the Bedroom With These DIYs

Want to make a brighter bedroom? Check out these simple DIY projects that will brighten up even the most blah bedroom! From a color-washed wall that adds both visual interest and brightness, to a bright duvet cover, to subtle stitching on pillows that can make them pop with color, you’ll find something great here to […]